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Selfie forum
29 augustus 2018

Expectation of Noora

I thought the page would just be full of selfies…
Selfie forum
21 augustus 2018

Expectation of Osama

I was looking for a website where I could take…
Selfie forum
16 augustus 2018

Expectation of Sly

"Un site ou les gens de diverses nation partageraient leurs…
Selfie forum
24 juli 2018

Expectation of Lexi

i thought i would see a website that you take…
Selfie forum
10 juli 2018

Idea from Xia

A website where you can take selfies and save them.
Selfie forum
6 juli 2018

Message from Michael

people of different nation
Selfie forum
6 juli 2018

Idea from Nathan

Create a free montly payment dating site
Selfie forum
29 juni 2018

Idea from Susan

What does your Selfie tell you and others who you…
Selfie forum
29 juni 2018

Idea from Dad

I expected to find a site about how to take…
Selfie forum
26 juni 2018

Idea from Marcel

A meditation app or a course to overcome the ego.…